Sound healing is an effective way to help reduce stress, create harmony and peace with mind and body, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of relaxation with the help of sound vibrations. It has been proven useful for people suffering from cancer during their chemotherapy treatment and the side effects caused due to several medicines.

The brain frequencies can be altered with the sound frequencies created through singing bowls which bring clarity of mind, peaceful state of mind and generating intuition. Modern research has proved sound to be a great healer as it creates a kind of a sound medicine which creates a sacred space in the minds of people suffering from depression, stress disorder and emotional imbalance.

How does sound healing work?

The sound patterns created by striking and humming at the Tibetan Singing Bowls create harmonies at the same frequency as the sound of OM. This wave frequency impacts the nervous system as the brain frequency synchronizes with the vibrations of the bowl. These harmonies engage the relaxation reflex and calm down the respiratory system along with brain and heart rate. This keeps the pain reflex under control giving a sense of relief and well being. This therapy can be combined with visualisations and colours to enhance the effects.


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