Over many years, researchers have been trying to find a relation between Tibetan singing Bowls and the modern physics. According to a study published in July 1, 2011 in Nonlinearity, an IOP Publishing’s journal, researchers have been able to capture high speed images of dynamics of liquid-filled Tibetan Singing bowls and studied how the water droplets propelled from the surface of the water as they were struck with a wooden stick.

As you know that when you strike a Tibetan bowl with a wooden stick, it causes the vibrations on the sides and the rim of the bowl that produces pure quality sound. If you fill up that bowl with any liquid, the slight change in the state of the singing bowl generates waves through that liquid which leads to the ejection of liquid droplets. This effect can be useful in the study of fuel injectors and sprayers where drop ejections play a vital role.

The basic area of study here is how the droplets are formed, ejected, gain acceleration and bounced off the liquid surface. Similar kind of phenomenon is observed when you rub the edge of a wine glass which inspired Benjamin Franklin to design the glass harmonica. Tibetan Singing bowls are, however, easier to excite considering their much smaller resonant frequency.


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