Minimum Number of Sound Healing Sessions

How many sessions are required to receive the benefits of sound healing at the least?

The first couple of sessions would introduce you to the range and potential of sound healing. You will experience the blockages breaking down and the lowering in the levels of toxins in your body. This will be like awakening and an introduction to a whole new dimension of life, the sate of pure relaxation and positive vulnerability.

The next 2 sessions would strengthen you as a receiver, build up your trust with the process and the healer, the sense of commitment to healing and a way to various other possibilities of sound healing. You will be able to express what exactly you are looking for through these sessions and what are the areas that you need to focus on. This will also help the healer to understand your body and deeper issues that are yet to be explored and expressed verbally.

After the first 4 consecutive sessions, a mind/body connection will be created and the healer will evaluate the progress so far. After this, you will be able to sense on your own whether you need further sessions or not and if yes, then how often. Usually, one session every two weeks is advisable.


Satyam Shivam Sundaram With Samaveda – Tibetan Sound Healing Teacher Training Course is artfully structured in a way that during the 40 hours sound training program you will not only learn and practice the Tibetan Sound Meditation techniques we inherited from different cultures, but also will understand the principles of Sound Healing, you will be trained in the art of leading various types of sound healing meditation sessions, so that you can guide others by running your own sound healing meditation sessions as well as run 1 or 2 days group sound healing meditation workshops.

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