Rim is the most important part of a singing bowl. So it is advisable to hold them from the outside with their bottom. To avoid any mishandling while carrying them around, keep them wrapped in a thick cloth bag which is easy to carry. While passing a bowl to the other person, hold the bowl between two hands as an extra precaution. These Singing bowls are sacred and life-changing, hence, they deserve proper handling and respect.


Use a soft, clean piece of cloth to clean the surface of the bowls to clear off the dust time to time. If you let the dust accumulate on the dust for too long, it will hamper the sound quality of the bowl and it will not resonate as much any more. Dust will also catch moisture from the air which will result in the corrosion of the metal. To remove dust properly and bring back the shine on the surface, use vinegar. Shinier and smoother the surface is, more clean and sustained the sound will be.


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