It is always advisable to buy a Tibetan Singing Bowl of your own if you are starting your Sound Healing training. To be able to buy a singing bowl one must be able to select a good bowl. A good bowl I good not only in terms of the quality but also how good it is for you handle and operate. So, we advice you to follow the below tips properly so you don’t get stuck with a wrong bowl.

Be Patient: It might take a lot of time for the singing bowl that is right for you to arrive at the store. Usually, when you go to the store, ask them when the new shipment is arriving. Sometimes, the store owners try to sell you stuff from their older stock. Make sure you are not getting ripped off or being too hasty into buying one so you can start your training. Either leave your contact details at the store for them to let you know about the next shipment or get in touch with the importer directly.

Sound Healing Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course Overview:

Requirements: To receive an International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing Teacher Certificate students are required to attend 100% of lectures and practical classes and to pass theoretical and practical exams to ensure the Course material has been mastered. Prerequisites: Anybody can apply. Application: Accepted all year round. Course duration: 3 days Course objective: To understand the principles of Sound Healing and Meditation, get experience of practicing Sound Meditations and learn to apply the knowledge to conduct Sound Meditations sessions and workshops. Accreditation: International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing Certificate issuer recognized: Internationally. Suitability:  Suitable for people with no meditation experience. Professional Membership: International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing

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