The vibrations produced by the singing bowls have amazing healing effects. The sound waves massage the body internally, relaxes the muscles and rejuvenate the cells and tissues. They direct the brain waves towards a positive direction and make your thinking positive while improving your concentration power. The deep relaxation state achieved with the help of Tibetan Singing bowls help in clearing your thoughts and resets your mind and body so you can start fresh with enthusiasm and positivity. Here’s what a regular sound healing session look like:

The receiver lies down in a comfortable position, on either a thick mattress or a yoga mat. The healer then puts some soft cushions and pillows under their neck, legs and shoulders to give proper comfort. The shoes are needed to be off and the room’s atmosphere must be cosy. You can light some scented candles and lamps and even put fresh flowers for natural fragrance. You can put candles around the mattress to create ambient light. This way, you avoid using artificial light source and keep the ambience in the room as natural as possible.


What will you learn in 40 hours of Sound Healing Teacher Training Certification Course.

  • Use Sound as one of the most effective tools to relax into a natural meditation process, without straining or using the willpower.
  • Train your mind come back to the state of meditation when it starts to wonder. And to do it instantly.
  • Let go of your expectations relating meditation and start truly enjoying the process.
  • Discover (or remind yourself) that the way to a more meaningful, fulfilling and happy life lay through self-awareness and meditation.

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